Chief Instructor Marc Cooper, holds over 10 years of experience in combat-driven martial arts and has been trained by a member of Canadian Special Forces in addition to continuing his training under Pekiti-Tirsia Tactics headed by Chris Mandigma which is a sanctioned affiliate of Pekiti-Tirsia Tactical Association (PTTA) headed by Jared Wihongi.

Cooper teaches everyday civilians, university students and military members who want to develop effective martial art skills to better protect themselves at home or abroad or in the line of duty.


Black Belt

Marc Cooper

  • 10yrs Experience

  • Krav Maga

  • Combatives

  • Kali (Filipino Martial Arts)

  • Edged & Impact Weapons

  • Improvised & Flexible Weapons

  • Hand-to-hand Combat

  • Firearm Disarming Concepts


"It’s not about being right - It’s about doing right. It’s about learning to survive and mitigate risk and injury. It’s about learning to protect yourself and your loved ones. To do that you have to be willing to skip Netflix a few nights per week so you come train with us. I personally never gave a shit for ranks, titles and belonging to pyramid organizations to be quite honest. All I ever wanted was to learn relevant skills. I learn, I copy my teacher, I stress-test everything to death and thereafter share the knowledge with willing students that share a common purpose. I have no interest in stupid fucking martial art politics, dojo cults, pleasing purists and know-it-alls. I constantly push myself to elevate my game and provide the best content for the most realistic scenarios relevant to our current reality. If the F-Word bothers you, it doesn't take much to shake you, believe me you won't survive. You can have all the titles, papers, affiliations you want but in the end if you can't DO THE JOB, it's all a bunch of useless credentials.
Focus on being able to do the job - that's the real creds (FACTA, NON VERBA)"



CombatFIT is where Krav Maga meets Filipino Martial Arts.
No Cults. No Politics.
No Keyboard Warriors either…