Terms & Conditions

CombatFit Martial Arts – Box policies


Monthly membership fees:

- Monthly membership fees are to be paid with e-transfers only.
- Monthly membership fees for the upcoming month are always to be paid between the 25th-28th of current month without exception.
- Upon joining the school, your first month is 16% off reg. = $100 (reg.: $120).
- Referral program: $20 off reg. price on your next month for every new student you refer (i.e.: refer 2 = your next month: $80).
- If student needs to be absent for personal reasons, and, isn’t quitting his/her membership, fees must be paid regardless.
- In joining CombatFit, you understand the monthly cost associated with this commitment.
- Monthly Membership Fees are payable by e-transfer only. We do not accept: cash, cheques, drafts, credit cards, bartering etc.



- No refunds on any purchase whether memberships, equipment, events, activities, seminars, classes, sessions.
- No refunds on any missed classes by the student or cancelled by the instructor due to personal reasons, emergencies, weather etc



- Hours of operations: Monday – Wednesday – Friday (8pm to 10pm).
- In joining CombatFit, you understand the hours of operation associated with this commitment.
- The student is expected to make maximum effort and all necessary arrangements to attend as much as possible.
- If student quits, student can’t return until January of the following calendar year.


Societal Standing:

- Potential students with criminal records will be denied membership; rare exceptions can be made based on situation and current standing.
- Potential students who are unemployment without valid reason, on welfare or on disability will be denied membership.
- We demand that all potential students or registered students have employment. It shows a sense of responsibility and contribution to society. Drug dealing isn't one of them.


Mental Illness/disorders:

- Potential students with the following mental illnesses/disorders will be denied membership for safety reasons and ethical responsibility towards the general public/community:
                - Any form of Schizophrenia
                - Bipolar disorder
                - Split personality disorder
                - Manic depression
                - Any psychiatric diagnosed conditions that requires medication
*this policy is implemented to ensure the overall safety of all involved in training at CombatFIT Martial Arts and also that of the general public and local community.